About Me

My life has been neither profound nor dull; I have no earth-shattering, tear-provoking stories of destruction, disability, dysfunction or molestation to offer up to readers.  I’ve spent many days of my life completing unremarkable acts and tasks, yet amidst this life of relative calm and complacency, I know that I am a remarkable woman.  I know that when I let my true spirit and personality shine through, I leave a favorable impression, inspire and uplift people, and make them laugh.  My goal is to write about my personal journey, but I'll warn you that along the way there will be stories about cats, shoes, or even the occasional one-eyed raccoon who comes to knock at my door in the evenings.  I may be irreverent, just plain dorky...or even serious, but I promise that at the end of the day I am nothing but resilient and I always seem to adapt to whatever the universe throws me.  My hope is to share some of those skills and abilities and that you can sit back, enjoy my stories and experiences and maybe find a little bit of inspiration along with my musings.