Saturday, January 7, 2012

Joy unbound

I can close my eyes and remember that exact moment, that experience which by all accounts must be an example of pure joy and happiness. This past year I’ve had my share of moments that illustrate this lesson, but this one stands out…as the perfect example.

#2: Creating community is a gift

I was sitting in the courtyard at Hot Mama’s Café during a Café Shimmy show.  My work was done, my solo was over and I had the privilege of relaxing with a glass a wine while the rest of the dancers performed.
Katherine was the next dancer to the stage…or is it the floor, since we never seem to stay in one place?  As usual, she has a dancing companion in the form of her daughter, who insists on accompanying her Mother with an impromptu veil routine.  This is pretty normal for little A.  The first time her Mom danced at the show, she threw her small, toddler body against the glass doors of the café, where she was corralled, until someone relented and let her outside to dance.  I love the sheer passion of it, the need to dance regardless of where she is.

Although this is from a different night, I love the joy in Kat's face!  (Photo by Valerie Aguirre)

Watching her are several other Mothers with their children, who are performing mini solos off to the side and back of the patio.  Kat’s Dad, and A’s grandfather is seated on the front row laughing at his two girls.  The stars are coming out, the patio is warm and inviting, and the evening seems perfect.  People are smiling, even swooning at the sheer bliss of this moment.  This chance for us to enjoy the music, the dancing, and the exuberance of the kiddos playing.

As I sat there, I wiped tears from my eyes…grateful and thankful for this opportunity to witness this moment in time.  After the show as I’m thanking people for coming, so many of them remark on how grateful they are that I created this venue, this opportunity to dance and play…this opportunity to indulge our creative spirits.

I hope that when I reach the end, my dying days the moments that I will cherish the most will be like these days and times.  I hope that the gift I can give to others is the opportunity to share in a community…whether it is for a moment or for a lifetime.   

P.S. I’m looking forward to a new year of shows and events.  Mark your calendar for February 4, 2012 for the first anniversary show of Café Shimmy!

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