Friday, August 26, 2011

Oprah Confessions

I have no doubt that if I was a guest on Oprah or invited as a keynote speaker at a major event, I would leave a favorable impression, inspire and uplift people, and make them laugh.  They would, beyond a doubt remember me.  But now, after Oprah has officially aired her last show, I know my dream of being her guest is gone.  I feel silly offering up this confession, especially since I have done nothing, nada, zip, zero, nil…to become a guest on her show.  It’s like dreaming of the lottery (which I often do) and never buying a ticket (which I have never done).  Although I have invested no time in following that dream, I do not doubt my capacity to complete it.  This makes me wonder…if I am capable of all that, or more, why do I stop myself from living out my dreams and pursuing those types of goals.  Is it the fact that the potential, the dream of making it happen is more enticing and powerful than the reality of it?  Or is it the required hard work and perseverance that becomes the obstacle to overcome?  Or is it just me, with silly dreams that sound glamorous and lovely, but are just fluff? 

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