Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Comfort is Subjective

If I were a cat, I would spend my days lounging on pillows and every soft spot in my owner’s house.  I would seek out the fluffy, soft and squishy parts of everything and then sprawl all over them.  My belly would hang out, my paws would trail over the sides of the bed/pillow/ottoman and I would wait leisurely for someone to come scratch my belly and pet my smooth, soft coat.

My cats however, do not share this fantasy.  They all spent part of their lives as feral cats, and they now occupy space in this house and tolerate my presence but do not rejoice in it.  Instead of lounging, they spend most of their days curled up under the bed, behind cabinets, under tables; anywhere someone cannot easily reach them.  I’ve caught them sleeping in the oddest and most uncomfortable spots.  Like on a pile of shoes, or in the litter box, or in a box of papers and odd shaped objects.  Nothing fluffy or soft.

There are times when I catch them on the bed or the sofa, and when I sneak in just to steal a peek they scatter just like a herd of antelope upon learning a lion is in the area.  I set up places for them to sit and sprawl and they ignore those obvious kitty places and instead opt for the less obvious, more uncomfortable ones.  Maybe there is a lesson in this, perhaps I should remember not to get too comfortable in any place, even if that place has unending treats and food. 

Or, perhaps the lesson is finding the perfect spot that will give you safety and security in whatever form that takes.  Perhaps a hard floor is more comforting than the fluffiest of pillows for some of us simply because  it is tucked away from prying eyes.  And sometimes, the most obvious spots are too vulnerable to fully relax in simply because they are out in the open.

2 responses:

Team Serrins Springfield said...

Our dogs sometimes do the same thing. They each have a soft fluffy dog bed but they frequently just sleep on the floor even though the bed is just feet away. Of course in the case of the dogs, I think that sometimes they are trying to be closer to us. In the case of your cats, that's probably not it!

Najla said...

Very true, they are usually trying to stay away from where I am. Although now that I'm home more often they actually do come in and check on me more and occasionally Matilda will come curl up in the bed.