Wednesday, April 7, 2010

There was no room at the brunch table

Who knew that all of Austin was going to participate in celebrating my birthday week. All I know is that it was darn difficult to find a spot for a Sunday brunch for me and about a dozen or so friends. I went through four locations before finding one that was 1) open for regular business 2) available on Sunday and 3) had room for all of us. My favorite rejection was a polite but short note from one restaurant that said they were sorry but they did not have room for me. I wasn't sure if I should be offended, put off...or tickled by the fact that they could not accommodate all the potential merriment of my friends. All I know is that I did find a lovely spot that I think will be the perfect place for some relaxation, love and laughter.

On another note, April always seems to be the month of exceptions and indulgences for me. It's not that hard to twist my arm to splurge or indulge on many things, but boy-o-boy in April I take it to another extreme. Here we are, 7 days in...and this is my shopping spree so far:
  1. Four (oops...actually five) new pairs of shoes. Two fit into the sensible, gotta replace the old pair category. One...kind of fits there, but barely. And the other two really do hit the completely indulgent and unnecessary purchase, but I had to take them home with me.
  2. Two new bras and three sets of panties. Okay, these were technically necessary...but still felt fairly indulgent. If you see me in the near future...take a peek at how well the 'girls' are holding up.
  3. Completely indulgent and pricey skin care peel and exfoliation set from Sephora. I now own more make up and skin care product than I care to reveal...I think it's my new version of a crack-addiction.
  4. Do-hickey device that allows me to play my I-Pod while driving. Haven't quite mastered the knack of finding the clearest FM channel for it...simply because my drives have been so short lately, but I can't wait. One more way to play all my belly dance music (which by last count was close to 4,000 songs....).
  5. More make up from another online store...two types of powder, eyeliner and a fabulous eye brow stencil kit that makes me realize that one of my eye brows is crazily crooked!
  6. New tops...
  7. New swim suit
  8. Three new belly dance DVDs
  9. Three pots of herbs for the front porch, plus one big pot of strawberry plants to share with the birds and Walter the raccoon.
We won't count the new red velvet skirt that arrived at the end of last month...nor will we count any future belly dance purchases I have my eye on. What I will count on is a delightful month of indulgences, friends and celebration!

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