Monday, March 1, 2010

Feet confessions

Back in October I was inspired to take a picture of my feet every day for one year and post this on my facebook account. I was out of the gate strong before the holidays, but ever since the new year my feet postings have been erratic. It's an easy process, just snap a picture with my camera phone and email it to myself. The only problem is my lack of recent creative inspiration.

I figured out what was causing the block, it's my lack of shoes. Really, maybe not so much a lack of shoes (you should see my closet) but rather the lack of variety of winter, sensible, warm shoes. And frankly speaking, they are just not that interesting to look at in every picture. So, my option is to either take lots of pictures of bare feet in interesting settings or buy new shoes. I'll let you guess which option I'll be exploring :-)

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