Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Artists Way, Redux

Last fall I worked my way through the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. It's an amazing book at process geared towards finding inspiration and discovering (or rediscovering) your inner artist and creative child. I had heard many people talk about how beneficial the book was to them, so I was naturally curious especially since I had been in a creative rut.

And when I made the decision to start the book, magically I found a group on Meetup.com that was starting the book at the same time I had planned. It was a small, but close-knit group and only a handful of us made it through all twelve weeks, but the experience was well worth it. I haven't blogged much about the process because I'm still processing what occurred. I'm not sure if I was looking for a nudge to move a different direction in my life and the book came along or if the book came along and I started to shift. All I know is the book and the process really were transformational. Not in a fireworks, explosive kind of way but in a deep, grounded reality shifting way.

During the twelve week process I became the ad hoc leader of the group, and of the meetup program. In the midst of the process I didn't think much about what would happen beyond December, and apparently I didn't need to make that decision. The Universe had it all planned out. With urgings from several members of the group, I initiated a monthly Artist's Way support group. From that group, a subdivision of individuals also decided to start the book. And in the middle of it all, I'm still the leader and the facilitator.

Instead of feeling like this is another task or drudgery I have to endure, I am really enjoying the process again. Not only of exploring my creative side more fully, but also helping guide others on the same path. Here's my confession, I love to facilitate...and when people trust me to take the lead, I'm good at it. Actually, scratch that....Damn Good and downright inspirational. Tonight we had a group of eighteen amazing, funny, witty creative individuals and two hours with them didn't seem long enough. I laughed so hard I cried (several times) and several comments and stories took my breath away or left me on the verge of tears.

As part of a group exercise, I had everyone write a positive review of their art and read it to each other. It was illuminating, awkward and amazing to hear what people will reveal about themselves when they are given the opportunity to praise versus criticize their own work. We did this exercise as part of a discussion on affirmations. The author has a list of twenty in her book, some of which I struggle to accept or use. There are a few that resonate with me and I think I'll ponder these for a bit:
  • As I listen to the creator within, I am led.
  • I am willing to be of service through my creativity.
  • I am willing to experience my creative energy.
So, why am I sharing this now? Well, I decided to tonight to do the book again...not so much for me, but for the other in the group and what they give me in return. And if I'm lucky I can pass onto others in my life as well.

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