Monday, January 18, 2010

Looking Forward

Each year I resolve not make New Year's resolutions. I prefer, instead, to think of setting goals for the months ahead. Kind of like taking stock and thinking about you want to order for the spring, summer and into fall. For me, goals are more organic and often beg for re-writing, revising and re-evaluating. Resolutions--not so much. They are, by nature, more rigid, with an official start date (January 1) and the almost inevitable decline that follows.

Last year, some of my goals included writing more, and breaking out of the creative rut I had found myself dwelling in. I started the year off slow, but by mid-summer things began to spiral into control and into focus. It started with a decision to take a sabbatical from Mirage, the dance troupe to which I dedicated a great deal of time and energy. That small step quickly turned into an official resignation from the troupe after eight and a half years of involvement. I made conscious choices to stop over scheduling and over booking myself. Instead, I picked events and performances that kept me more focused and inspired.

I joined an Artist's Way group with the intention of writing more--but much to my delight discovered I wanted to draw, paint and work with pottery. Most of all, I learned to really listen to my inner artist and inner child. I stepped away from people who were negative and sapped my creative juices and instead surrounded myself with people who are enthusiastic, encouraging and inspiring.

A friend of mine said that I've always been able to grow even in rocky soil, but imagine what I could do if I were planted in rich, nurturing, fertile ground instead. Well, I can imagine that now and I see a year ahead filled with joy, inspiration, love and eternal gratitude.

And what are my goals for this year? Quite simple--I plan to take the seeds that the universe planted for me this last fall and winter and watch them bloom!

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