Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just a stop on their world tour

Judging by all the flora and fauna around my house, you would think I live way out in the country instead a long, leisurely walk from downtown Austin. I've got tons of birds, squirrels, possums and the inevitable raccoon. All that's missing is a deer or two, which are probably roaming somewhere in this neighborhood.

Once a year, in late spring or early summer I become part of the raccoon tour. I'm not sure how I got on the list, but it seems like the critters have their own version of "map of the stars" and my front porch is a highlight. As part of this tour, a group of baby raccoons learn to forage, scavenge and generally root around my front porch and flower beds. They climb up on the chairs, knock over flower pots, and try to open the windows and front door. The tour only lasts a week, two at most and then they're off to another location.

It is a simultaneously cute and annoying habit and my urge to go scoop them up to cuddle is always quickly overcome by the knowledge of their growls, hisses and sharp claws! So, I sometimes just chat with them (or to them...), or watch and simply enjoy the brief glimpse into their new lives.

Now that the little guys have moved on, I don't hear any strange scratching noises at the door, or thumps in the late evening. Which sounds like a good thing, expect when I do hear noises it means some other part of the wild kingdom has come calling and in most cases nothing as cute as these guys.

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MissM said...

I'm also a sucker for wildlife. They all look snuggly to me, including the coyotes in my neighborhood who would gladly snack on my dogs.