Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I can leg press two line backers!

Four hundred fifty-eight pounds baby! That's right, 4-5-8. If I'm ever faced with the opportunity or obstacle of moving a couple of big guys out the way, I could do it. I only need a few minutes to set up the leg press machine, arrange for appropriate supervision and 'bam', I'm there. Granted it would only be for a couple of minutes, but I'm titillated by the idea of it because I never thought I would possess such power.

It's a lot of weight and sometimes I think my trainer Timothy may be lying about the total pounds, but on the off hand chance he's not I'm thinking today that I would like a t-shirt. It should say "I can leg press two line backers" and I believe it should be pink, with some flowers and pretty curly-q's for decoration...and maybe the photo above just for good measure. Apropos right?

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Team Serrins Springfield said...

Somewhere there is this weight conversion chart on the web that converts say whales to Jennifer Anniston or elephants to boats or whatever. You should find out a whole bunch like you can leg press 2 linebackers or 7 Jennifer Annistons or 49,729 peeps or 1/8th of an elephant.