Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not in a sharing mood

Dear Austin,

I know you love your parks, especially on a pretty sunny day like today. I too was hoping for a brisk walk through my neighborhood park, followed by practicing my Tai Chi form. In fact, I hadn't decided which of my two locations would be the spot for my martial arts practice, and waited until I had taken one long loop through the park to make that decision. I did not however plan on sharing my space with so many people tonight. Some observations:

  • For the three young guys at location #1 who appeared to be practicing Aikido, I would suggest a little more time in your Dojo or Dojang. You appeared very uneasy with your skills and not used to practicing in a public setting, you looked a little hot and sweaty in your gis and seemed very distracted by some redhead who appeared miffed that you were in her spot.
  • For the three elderly folks who arrived at location #2 rght before me, and who appeared to practicing some form of Tai Chi or Chi Gong, I would suggest a little more action and less staring into the bushes. You appeared a little unfocused on your task, dawdled too much and were way too oblivious to the redhead who appeared puzzled that she had lost another spot in which to practice.
  • For the father at my new location (now #3) who told his son that 'the lady is practicing Tai Chi', I appreciate the commentary and I'm glad you had a general feeling for what I was trying to accomplish. I would state for the record that tripping, stumbling, and losing composure are not trademarks of a good practice. Neither is stomping your feet in the dirt when you forget major sections of your form.

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