Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday

In Texas, March 2nd is a day of celebration for two reasons. First, it's Texas Independence Day, a celebration of Texas' independence from Mexico. If you're a Texas history buff you'll also realize that it's Sam Houston's birthday as well. Sam, in case you don't know him, was the first president of Texas, and a major leader in the the fight for Independence.

For me, March 2 is a much more personal celebration. It's my Mom's birthday, and if she were alive today we would be celebrating her 76th year. It's hard to believe but it's been eight years since she passed away all too suddenly, and although the anniversary of her death has become less emotional for me, the anniversary of her birth seems to become more poignant as each year passes. Perhaps it's because I can't show or tell her how much I love her, I can't plan on a surprise or a present, I can't call to wish her happy birthday. All I can do is miss her...terribly.

So, in the hopes that the Internet has truly reached all corners of our universe, I'm hoping Mom's following along, reading and watching, and today...she knows that I'm still wishing her happy birthday and she knows that I'll always love her even if I didn't say it often enough!

P.S. For those of you who still have your Mothers around...go call And, send them my love as well.

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Team Serrins Springfield said...

A lovely note. Happy Birthday to your mom (yesterday).