Friday, February 27, 2009

What's an Excel geek to do?

So, I've spent this last month trying to cook more, and eat out less. Out of curiosity (and possibly boredom) I decided to see if I had maybe saved some money. I've actually used a tracking system set up at my bank called 'My Portfolio'. If you upload all of your accounts (credit cards, etc.) you can then track where you money goes. Pretty simple. So, I decided to compare how much money I spent in January on groceries and dining out versus February.

My hunch was that my dining out bills would have decreased some but my groceries may have gone up. I figured since I didn't stop on the way home to pick up food, and cooked instead the dining out would have decreased. And, since I was experimenting on home cooked goodness, the groceries would have increased.

The result? Dining was almost identical for each month (within $5), but groceries decreased $147 or a whopping 16.9 percent. Which was quite a surprise and a bit of a mystery that I haven't quite figured out...just yet.

And being the closet-Excel-geek that I am, I created bar charts. Pretty ones, in fact, to show the world this revelation. What I didn't factor in is the fact that I have no clue on how to upload charts into the blog. None at all, which makes me a very sad and pathetic spreadsheet addict with nothing to show for all my work. ***sigh***

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