Saturday, February 28, 2009

And now the brick...

The universe has a progressive discipline policy in place. You know, similar to three strikes and you're out. First, you get birds singing, a breeze blowing and nature gently sending hints your direction. If you don't pick up on that level of subtlety, it progresses to level two. At this point, you're making notes, telling yourself it's time to pay attention...but maybe not this week, perhaps the next one. You openly acknowledge that the Universe may be sending you messages but you haven't really taken any direct action. Now to level three, the Universe chunks a hefty brick at your head, either knocking you unconscious or leaving you flat on your back. Last week, I got my brick.

Bronchitis...and one week of feeling pitiful in my bed. A week of phlegm, fever, a runny red nose, and a piles of Kleenex everywhere. I've been telling myself for a couple of months that I need to get my health back on track, that I've lost focus, stamina and determination. I've wanted to lose weight, meditate more, get back into running, and fighting (yes...I do mean the kicking and punching kind). I think back to a couple of years ago when I had completed my first triathlon and I felt invincible, charged, strong and ready to conquer the world.

Last week, I even lamented the fact that I don't seem to have as much energy as I used to...and that I needed to go see the acupuncturist, get my allergies back under control and become stronger. And, I put those on my list of things to the near future...right along side the grocery list, the laundry and other petty items. In the process, I ticked off the Universe who decided it was time for a more overt discussion.

I sniffled on Monday, lay sick in bed on Tuesday, but came to work Wednesday morning. After I felt miserable and defeated, I decided to go home...with a side trip to the doctor. I thought it was allergies, which were part of the problem, but the heart of it was acute bronchitis...the contagious kind...the kind that leaves you whimpering on the coach for several days.

And so, on Thursday I went for an acupuncture appointment where I was told that I needed to get my health back on track (it's not too far off though), get more heat going (i.e. cardio) and pay attention to the messages my body and others are sending me. And, on Friday, when I called my martial arts instructor telling him I may not make class on Saturday he also told me to get back on track, find my balance, and return to my practice. Which I will, and quite soon.

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Team Serrins Springfield said...

J told me on Thursday that your allergies were bronchitis. Boo hiss for that but perhaps it will be that effective brick? Yay for getting back on track.