Tuesday, January 27, 2009

She's just not into me

I'm never quite sure how to describe Simone. Actual contact between the two of us is few and far between, yet she's lived under my roof for going on four years. Simone just happens to be Sampson's mom, and lived as a feral kitty outside my house. I watched her get knocked up (not literally) three times (Sampson was in the first litter), and with the help of my neighbor found homes for all 11 of her kittens. When I finally caught her, I had her fixed and she hasn't been outside since. And, from what I can tell she has no desire to roam further than the living room or kitchen. She gets along with the other cats, spends an inordinate amount of time snuggling with Sampson, eats my food and lounges on my furniture. The first time she actually allowed me to pet her was last summer. Three years, and all I got was a couple of scratches under the chin. So, although she resides here I have problems claiming her as a 'pet' since it's a word rarely used to describe our interaction.

Last night, I thought we were turning a corner. Normally she runs out of the room or hides when I'm around (the above picture was such a fluke and was taken during a rare moment last year...with the help of the tele-photo setting on my camera). However, I was sitting on the bed ready to go to sleep when I realized she was sitting a couple of feet away, attentively watching me. No fear, no running, just sitting there as if we could have a chat. So I did, chat...that is. And in the midst of talking to the cat that avoids me on every other occasion, I felt accomplished, enamored, excited and optimistic about the possible turn in our relationship.

That is until I realized there was a rather large bug that had been slowly working it's way across the carpet, up the dust ruffle, and along the edge comforter towards me. It wasn't affection at all, just the best entertainment she could find before closing time.

2 responses:

Team Serrins Springfield said...

So all you have to do is have a ready supply of slow moving bugs and you've got it made.

Najla said...

True, but in the end I know it's not me she wants *sigh*