Friday, January 30, 2009

Random update

Well, my Clif Bars are being shipped directly from the manufacturer (too bad I couldn't do that with the spinach last time). According to UPS they are in Hodgkin's, IL. I could have paid to express ship them, but I didn't want to appear desperate.

Tomorrow is the end of January, and end of my first month of New Year's goals. I'm feeling faintly pressured to pick Miss February, but that is conflicting with my denial that the month of January will be over. I'm not normally that attached to any specific month, let alone January, but I'm not feeling the Feb-groove yet. Maybe tomorrow will be different.

And on a completely different note, I put together the ingredients for a pot roast tonight. The plan is to put it in the slow cooker tomorrow morning, come home from a hard day of dancing and playing and eat some hearty goodness. Since I don't usually use my slow cooker, and the last time I did a pot roast I was living at home (i.e. high school), it must mean that I'm either channeling Betty Crocker or my mother. Either one works for me.

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Team Serrins Springfield said...

Re: Cliff Bars - My brother said that not only did Costco pull the 3 - flavor combo bars that he usually gets but that he got 1 postcard and 2 phone call from Costco warning them about the bars. I can't decide whether to be impressed or once again appalled that Costco has to be worried about getting sued. My brother just hopes that they replace the 3 pack with a different 3 pack of flavors. Since my SIL is allergic to peanut butter they would prefer a different combo anyway.

Re: pot roast. When I used to eat meat, that was one of my standard fancy meals to cook (for guests, etc.). Rump roast, cream of mushroom soup, potatoes, carrots, onion, and crock pot all day. MMM.