Monday, January 19, 2009

Prone to fondle kale

Yes, I'll admit it. I spent part of my time in the grocery store today feeling up the kale selection. I'm not prone to become too intimate with my produce but I found particular delight in being able to recognize and appreciate the various selection of greens they had. Now I've always considered myself to be vegetable and fruit savvy, but the last month has been quite an education. Our office began a farm to work program that basically delivers fresh produce to your office once a week. You get your own farmer, but the catch is you don't get to decide what you'll receive.

The first couple of deliveries were quite funny. I split an order with a co-worker and we usually take our bag of goodies up to a table by my desk and spread everything so we can play the 'name this vegetable game'. It's crazy, but even with a cheat sheet of the names listed on it (provided by our farmer), when you get into all the 'greens' it's darn tough. And, even if you can determine what they are, thinking about how to cook and use them within one week is such a challenge.

Luckily there are several of us in the same boat, and now we exchange recipes at work, chat in the hallways about what we ate the night before and pass new tips on, with the same hushed tones you would if you were disclosing matters of national security. I've learned that freezing is a good thing, and that turnips aren' any manner. My last attempt will be to try some type of potato/turnip mash, probably with a lots of cheese. If that fails, they'll be sacrificed for good.

The biggest surprise has been the kale. I've been stumped for a few weeks on it. (and yes I know you could do soup...but I haven't). But just when I was feeling defeated, thinking this was another debacle just like the turnips, like a beacon in the darkness, my friend D sent me this recipe. It's a potato and kale quiche that her family makes regularly. And yes, they are vegetarians which puts them at least one leg up on us, but with lots of good recipes to steal!

I made it this weekend with a few adjustments...which is normal for my cooking. Really, I can't remember the last time I did a recipe exactly the way it is written. For this one, I added spinach and corn and didn't quite have enough milk so I used heavy, unsweetened cream, and an extra egg just for grins. I used several small, unpeeled new potatoes and got tired of dicing them, so I didn't use as many...and my pie pan was not deep dish so I had to stop somewhere.

The verdict? Heaven on earth, absolutely wonderful, tasty and very filling. Which explains why I stopped to fondle the kale today. It's like we had that special connection over the weekend, and I just wanted to cuddle a little more. Wouldn't you?

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Team Serrins Springfield said...

The corn would go well. Rachel also doubles or tripples the nutmeg (I think there's nutmeg - maybe it's Cinnamon) which gives it a sweeter taste.

BTW: You're welcome to use my name.