Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No love lost

It's not because they love to cuddle or stay close, it's just the pillow. In order to keep my sanity (and clean pillows), I've designated one cat-friendly pillow on the bed. And, for some strange reason, it stays occupied almost all day long. It may be just be the hottest spot in town or perhaps an affection for the 80's (I lay an old velour shirt on top of the pillow), but the cats do not miss an opportunity to sit here, alone. And when I mean alone, it means one cat at a time, not two. It's a rule they enforce, not me. And yes, they literally wait for one to get up and go eat or hit the litter box.

So, I couldn't resist this photo because apparently I caught them in a compromising position. There was no cuddling going on, just sheer stubbornness and the desire to claim their territory. Calvin (the orange tabby) is the elder of the group and usually gets his way. But, he's old and doesn't have much energy any longer. Which has worked to Matida's advantage. She's a little sneaky, capricious and often manipulative. Her shameless, hussy side clearly is at work here.

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