Sunday, January 18, 2009

More than halfway there

Wow, this month has been flying by and of course, my list of things to accomplish doesn't seem to get any smaller. I will note however, that this month's goal of focusing on consistent blogging does seem to be going well. I may not have done a post every day, but so far (not including this one...) I've posted 14 blogs on this account and another 7 on the Mirage page. Yeah!!!!

I think it helps to not think of this as such a task or chore but rather an opportunity to sit and write some things down. I also learned that writing more than one post at at time really helps. I just schedule them to post and it seems to buy me a few days at a time. My purpose behind setting up these goals was to help establish a habit, something that could be a consistent part of my day, week or month. And right, I'm feeling pretty good that this is one that I can keep up. If you run the numbers, I've already done 21 blogs in a 31 day month. With just a few more I'll be feeling triumphant, perhaps even vindicated, and certainly much more cocky. Internet, watch out!

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