Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lost panties and socks

If I were wealthy, I would surely hire a maid, full-time...probably live in. Really, it would simplify so much for me. Either that or a cabana boy, which would be much more fun but I'm not sure he would do the laundry...or rather fold and put it up. I do the laundry, quite often, and quite consistently. What I do not do, is fold it and put it away. So, you've guessed it...that is why putting up laundry is #5 on my list of new year's goals.

It wouldn't be such a problem if I didn't have such a love of black clothing. You name it, I've got it, in black. From tops to skirts to pants to t-shirts, everything a to z, including panties and socks. Add to the mix, poor lighting, a lack of storage and sorting space and you've got my ever-constant, ever-elusive hunt for the one article of black clothing that I must have for the day.

No, not that pair of black yoga pants with the flared legs, but the other one with the little white logo. No, I can't use those black socks, I need the other pair and god forbid if I go out of the house with two that are mismatched, even though no-one (and I swear, no-one) would ever know. And as for panties, I have about three pairs of black panties that I, adore! And yes, they get washed every week and you would think I could easily find them...but noooooo I can't. And as for tops, it's the black scoop necked tee, not the vee necked one that will work for today, and life will surely end if I can't wear that top with those pants, panties, socks and bra that I worked so hard for this morning.

Life would be easier if everything was sorted, and hopefully one day this year it will be.

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