Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just like in the magazines

The perfect bed, accessorized with the perfect pillows, everything neatly put in place. I see the photos in the magazines and think, who lives there? Even the shabby-chic, uber-casual photos still look way too perfect to be a real space. Where are shoes tossed by the side of the bed, the lingering pet hair that you can't get completely vacuumed up, the handful of kleenex or stack of books that just sit waiting on a side table? You probably couldn't get those things published in a magazine, but gosh darn-it...who has a perfectly organized, decorated bedroom all of the time?

I for one, would like to try...just for one come close. My bedroom is fairly minimal in furnishings, not very roomy, and the biggest mess comes from my unmade bed. If you haven't been following along, I've been listing out the goals I have for this year. Nothing earth shattering, but simply some habits I'd like to create in my life. My plan is to focus on one thing each month, be consistent in following through, in the hopes it will become a habit for me.

I'm sure some things will stick and other will not...but making my bed each morning would be nice. That way, if someone broke into my house and wandered into the bedroom they may mistake it for a magazine set. Or, at a minimum if someone did break in, I could tell if they had slept in my bed. Those three bears knew immediately, because they were meticulous about making their beds...but not so great on the porridge.

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