Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Choose hope

Someone told me that in life, you can boil everything down to two things: expansion and contraction or more simply, love and fear. Some people constantly move towards love, hope and expansion and others choose to hide behind fear, hate and divisiveness. The last eight years have been such an example, and although today was a day I feared we would never reach I do believe it will take much longer for people to relax, to breathe, and to once again as a country moves towards love and hope.

It's a simple matter of how you view the world, your epistemology, your beliefs, the lens by which you evaluate every detail of the day. I've always been an optimist, I've always looked for reason and rationale, and I am truly happy that as of noon today we now have a President who is grounded, centered and has chosen hope for all of us. I feel I can breathe again (metaphorically at least...it is ceder season in Texas!)

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